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Hermosa en medio de su miseria, capaz de amar en la cara de afliccion y pruebas, el hombre encuentra su grandeza su medida mas complete, solo en el reino de esta mundo. - Beautiful in the midst of its misery, capable of loving in a face of afflictions and trials, man finds its greatness, his fullest measure, only in the kingdom of this world.
- Allejo Carpentier

The Ballad of Nick and Nat - (Season 01 - Episode 11)
Quoted by Jack Garrett
Criminal Minds - Beyond Borders

Todays Dialog

Derek Morgan: You know what your only mistake has been since you started?
Penelope Garcia: Oh, hooray. More criticism.
Derek Morgan: You are trying to replace J.J. Nobody can replace J.J. Now, take the other one out, too.
Penelope Garcia: I'm not trying to replace her. I'm... I'm trying to do this job the way she'd want it done.
Derek Morgan: You know what J.J. would want? She'd want you to find a way to do this job on your own terms. Play to your strengths.
Penelope Garcia: Okay, all my exstensive knowledge of operating systems and internet protocol is not really gonna help me out here.
Derek Morgan: That's not what I'm talking about.
Penelope Garcia: What are you talking about?
Derek Morgan: You need to go O.G. Original Garcia.
Penelope Garcia: Derek Morgan, I'm a little blind right now, but it appears the rough blur that is you just threw out my only pair of contact lenses.
Derek Morgan: putting Garcia's glasses back on her face There she is. I know you.
Penelope Garcia: How often do I tell you I love you?
Derek Morgan: Every day. It's implied.

Compromising Positions - (Season 06 - Episode 04)
Criminal Minds


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