Todays Quotes

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.
- Wayne Dyer

The Boys of Sudworth Place - (Season 10 - Episode 08)
Quoted by Dr. Spencer Reid
Criminal Minds

Our moral responsibility is not to stop the future, but to shape channel our destiny in humane directions and to ease the trauma of transition.
- Alvin Toffler

The Boys of Sudworth Place - (Season 10 - Episode 08)
Quoted by Derek Morgan
Criminal Minds

Todays Dialog

Penelope Garcia: Oh, Will he looks just like you.
William LaMontagne Jr.: Let's hope he grows out of that.
Emily Prentiss: Just as long as he doesn't inherit the accent.
Dr. Spencer Reid: from outside the door Is there room for one more in here?
Jennifer "JJ" Jareau: Spence, hi.
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: to Reid as he enters Welcome back.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Thanks.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Wow.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Congratulations.
William LaMontagne Jr.: takes Reid's hand Thank you.
Jennifer "JJ" Jareau: to Reid How is it that I just went through 15 hours of labor and... you look worse than I do?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Don't be ridiculous. You look beautiful.
William LaMontagne Jr.: Well I could sure use some coffee. Anyone else?
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner: Sure.
William LaMontagne Jr.: My treat.
Jennifer "JJ" Jareau: after Will, Hotch, Prentiss and Garcia leave; to Reid You okay?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Wow. Yeah, yeah.
Jennifer "JJ" Jareau: You sure? Because there's something I wanted to ask you, but, it can wait.
Dr. Spencer Reid: What is it?
Jennifer "JJ" Jareau: Will and I were talking and... we want you to be Henry's Godfather.
Dr. Spencer Reid: I don't - I mean, I don't know...
Jennifer "JJ" Jareau: Here. You wanna hold him. It's okay.
Jennifer "JJ" Jareau: Watch his head.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Hi. Hello Henry.
Jennifer "JJ" Jareau: If anything happens to us, it's up to you and Garcia to make sure this boy gets into Yale.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Ooh. Yale. Yale! Do you wanna go to Yale, Henry? That was your Godfather's safety school.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Don't worry, I can get you into Cal Tech with one phone call.

Memoriam - (Season 04 - Episode 07)
Criminal Minds


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