Todays Quotes

The minute people fall in love, they become liars.
- Author Harlan Ellison

52 Pickup - (Season 04 - Episode 09)
Quoted by Emily Prentiss
Criminal Minds

Cleanliness becomes more important when godliness is unlikely.
- P.J. O'Rourke

52 Pickup - (Season 04 - Episode 09)
Quoted by David Rossi
Criminal Minds

Todays Dialog

Coming out the elevator at BAU
Dr. Tara Lewis: Now, it's not too late. Anybody else for a round at O'Keefe's?
Jennifer "JJ" Jareau: I'm in
David Rossi: I'm buyin'.
Penelope Garcia: Meeting the team Buying what?
Emily Prentiss: Drinks at O'Keefe's.
Penelope Garcia: Huzzah. I'll go get my things.
Luke Alvez: Looking though the doors to BAU Anybody know who this is?
Emily Prentiss: Entering the BAU Stephen?
Stephen Walker: I thought I'd check out where we keep the paper clips around here
David Rossi: You gotta be kidding me. Stephen Walker, how you been?
Stephen Walker: Never better, Dave. Never better.
David Rossi: Is this your secret weapon?
Emily Prentiss: Yeah. I told you I didn't want to jinx it. Everyone, I'd like you to meet SSA Stephen Walker from the B.A.P.
Stephen Walker: Agent Prentiss knows this, but I have followed and admired the work of the BAU for years. So when she called and asked me to join the team, the answer was easy.
Emily Prentiss: So I take it this is a yes.
Stephen Walker: Well, I thought I'd call, but they said you had just landed.
Penelope Garcia: Let me be the first to welcome you.
Luke Alvez: Hey, you're forgetting something.
Penelope Garcia: I'm forgetting nothing, newbie.
Jennifer "JJ" Jareau: Told ya.
Emily Prentiss: I only ask that you allow a day or two before the hazing begins.
Dr. Tara Lewis: Oh, come on, a whole day? Tough ask, boss.

Scarecrow - (Season 12 - Episode 08)
Criminal Minds


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